Architectural Design & Draughting



Architectural Design

  • Building consent applications

  • Renovations and new builds

  • Residential buildings

  • Concept design and developed concepts

  • Working drawings for council and construction

  • Liaising with consultants such as engineers, surveyors etc.

  • Council inquiries during consent and construction

  • Site monitoring during construction



William Arends


I am an Architectural Designer. I have been in the building industry since 2006, I started as a building labourer while completing a Bachelor of Building Science at Victoria University. After that I was a Building Consultant for three years, which included building compliance and long-term maintenance plans.


I was a Building Officer at Hutt City Council for four years during which time I gained valuable experience and knowledge of the Building Act, New Zealand Building Code, and the building consent process in general. Before joining Black House Consulting I worked for Prime Designs, a local design company, for two years. My role included management and technical support. With Black House Consulting I provide services relating to building consent such as concept design, working drawings, and Council queries.

I enjoy finding modern design solutions that meet client needs and wants, I am very flexible in my approach to design and I will work hard to come up a solution that looks good and meets the brief.