Resource Management Planning


Architectural Design


Resource Management Planning

  • Resource consent applications

  • Subdivision applications

  • Assessments of environmental effects

  • Design guide assessments

  • Consultation

  • Representation at Council hearings

  • Submissions on notified resource consents

Architectural Design

  • Building consent applications

  • Renovations and new builds

  • Residential and commercial buildings

  • Concept design and developed concepts

  • Working drawings for council and construction

  • Liaising with consultants such as engineers, surveyors etc.

  • Council inquiries during consent and construction

  • Site monitoring during construction


About Us

We are a husband and wife team. We started Black House Consulting to provide an integrated, niche planning and design service to our clients. We draw from our professional experience working in our specialist roles as well as our personal experience with designing and building our home.

Peri Zee

I am a Resource Management Planner. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Planning from Massey University. I started my career working for the Hutt City Council where I gained valuable experience in the requirements and process for obtaining resource consent.

​​​I have experience in subdivisions, earthworks, apartment complexes, commercial activities, design guide assessments, heritage buildings, landscape protection, soil contamination and more.

I enjoy working on a variety of projects and building trusting relationships with clients.

William Arends

I am an Architectural Designer. I have been in the building industry since 2006, I started as a building labourer while completing a Bachelor of Building Science at Victoria University. After that I was a Building Consultant for three years, which included building compliance and long-term maintenance plans.

I was a Building Officer at Hutt City Council for four years during which time I gained valuable experience and knowledge of the Building Act, New Zealand Building Code, and the building consent process in general. Before joining Black House Consulting I worked for Prime Designs, a local design company, for two years. My role included management and technical support. With Black House Consulting I provide services relating to building consent such as concept design, working drawings, and Council queries.

I enjoy finding modern design solutions that meet client needs and wants, I am very flexible in my approach to design and I will work hard to come up a solution that looks good and meets the brief.